About Us

black and white photo of partners Ryan Gorman and Brian Iammartino btcRE founders walking down a stairwell during a renovation

Brian R. Iammartino and M. Ryan Gorman founded btcRE on shared core values: passion, integrity, collaboration, transparency, and creativity. You will find these values behind who we are and everything we do. And we are proud to have assembled a team of advisors, investors, and professional service providers who share our core values and bring complementary experience and expertise in areas that are critical to our success.

Brian R. Iammartino, CFA I bring the same level of respect, integrity, and collaboration to negotiating a lease with our smallest tenant as I do to negotiating a loan with a global financial institution. I find that tackling redevelopment projects is also a lot more fun with a healthy dose of humor, patience, and flexibility along the way. Sometimes there’s a sprinkler riser buried in that wall.

It’s exciting and rewarding to see the physical transformations that btcRE has brought to real estate assets around the Boston area, and I’m just as proud to see how our tenants enliven the buildings and streetscapes where we invest.

After graduating summa cum laude from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and working in investment roles for private equity firm The Blackstone Group and hedge fund Basswood Partners, I knew it was time to veer out of my comfort zone. Earning a Master in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School changed the way I see the world and led me to a career at the intersection of the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

In addition to my work with btcRE, I also now teach public finance, accounting and budgeting at the Harvard Kennedy School, with a focus on urban policy and local government. It is inspiring and humbling to see the students I teach go on to change the world—with some new financial analysis and spreadsheet skills just in case.

Brian Iammartino btcRE partner laughing Brian Iammartino btcRE partner

Inspired by old buildings, urban ecosystems, diverse communities, and mechanical watches

Ryan Gorman btcRE partner laughing Ryan Gorman btcRE partner

Driven by service, guided by integrity, and passionate about the intersection of people and place

M. Ryan Gorman I am driven by service, guided by integrity, and passionate about the intersection of people and place. I believe in the beautiful efficiency and impenetrable logic of classic bicycles, well-conceived roundabouts, and housing-first public policy. It brings me joy to help people create the communities they deserve, from physical neighborhoods to high-performing organizations to digital collaboratives.

My career travels include technology investment banking in Silicon Valley (Credit Suisse First Boston), fixed-income investing on Wall Street (The Blackstone Group), and private equity due diligence across the country (PricewaterhouseCoopers). Most recently, I was honored to lead a $5 billion worldwide enterprise (Coldwell Banker) with thousands of employees supporting over 100,000 entrepreneurs in more than 40 countries.

While I graduated with honors from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in my beloved Philadelphia, clearly the greatest accomplishment of my collegiate career was befriending my btcRE business partner, who outscored me on every exam without bragging (though he now tells my kids he carried me in college, which is not entirely false).

Many moons ago, when asked what motivates me, my wife (high school sweetheart who knows me best) answered quickly and simply: helping people and righting wrongs. As usual, she was more insightful, instructive, and succinct than me.